Newsletter – Sunday 6th April

Drum Mass Intentions
Saturday 5th 8pm: Gerry Devine, Ardkeenan
Sunday 6th 10am: Micko McManus, Cornafulla South
Thursday 10th 7pm: James Kelly, Coolderry
Saturday 12th 1pm: CONFIRMATION
Saturday 12th 8pm: Peter Killian
Sunday 13th 10am: Joe Lennon, Ardkeenan

Clonown Mass Intentions
Sunday 6th 11am: Johnny & Annie Egan, Curnaboll
Sunday 13th 11am: Ann & Tom O’Brien, Oldtown

The boys and girls of 6th class in both Cornafulla NS and Ardkeenan NS will be confirmed in Drum Church on Saturday 12th April. We wish them all a beautiful day.

Thank You
A Sincere thank you to all who hosted the Stations in the Drum area and to those who participated or contributed in any way to making them such a wonderful and worth while experience.

Enrolment for St. Joesph’s Primary School, Summerhill
Enrolment now taking place for September 2008. Please contact the school at 090-6492037 for an enrolment form.


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