Greetings from Queensland

The following email was received from Helen Turvey nee Kilroy, who lives in Queensland, Australia. If you can help Helen or have any information, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch. Thanks.

Attached is a photo of my great grandfather who came from The Batteries, Athlone and his niece, Delia Kilroy (daughter of James Kilroy & Margaret Macken) on a trip back to his country from Australia in 1910. On his trip back to Ireland he encouraged his brother James to allow other family members to come out to Australia. James allowed Delia and this is a photograph taken prior to leaving for Australia. Delia’s son (Bryan Cameron) is living in Brisbane and he provided me with this photograph from
his photographic collections. Maybe someone can help me trace back my ancestors beyond my great grandfather’s parents, Thomas & Catherine Kilroy (nee Hynes).

Wishing everyone well, we are all sweltering today in the heat and in Queensland today we have smoke from the Victorian Fires.

Thanks for your time.
Helen Turvey nee Kilroy


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