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The listings on this page were complied by Drum Cemetery Voluntary Group (DCVG) in 2010-2011 so the photos and details below might not reflect any changes made to graves since then. 

New Graveyard Listings

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Family Name
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Photo 2 (Headstone)
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Bannon Bealnamulla
Bannon Hallsbridge, Baylough
Barry Forest Mill, Monksland
Bigley Crannaghbeg
Brennan Crannaghbeg
Brennan Old Tuam Road, Monksland
Brien Creggane
Brien Lisdillure
Byrne Rooskey
Carbery Doohan
Carr 30 St. Coman's Park, Athone
Carr Kilteevan, Co. Roscommon
Casey Monksland
Caulfield Summerhill
Collins Rooskey
Collins Rooskey
Collins Rooskey
Connaughton Clonark
Connor Clonark
Conway / Gately 37 St. Annes Terrace, Athlone
Cooley Thornhill, Drum
Craughwell Cherryfield Ave, Athlone
Craughwell St. Coman's Park, Athlone
Cunniffe Cornafulla
Cunniffe Drumlosh / Kilrickle
Cunniffe / Murray Thomastown
Cunningham Duogue
Curley Newtown, Bealnamulla
Derwin 15 St. Coman's Pk, Baylough
Devine Riverside Place, Athlone
Drumond Clongowna
Devine Summerhill
Dillion Rockfield
Dolan Ardbrae Park, Athlone
Dolan Curraghaleen
Dolan Kilmacormack
Dolan Taylorstown
Donnellan Moydrum, Athlone
Dowling Retreat Rd, Athlone
Ducke Battery Road, Athlone
Duffy Cornafulla
Duignan Doohan
Duignan Doohan
Duignan Monksland
Egan Crannagh Mills
Egan Lisdillure
Egan Monksland
Fanning Batteries, Athlone
Flicker Rooskey
Flynn Battery Road, Athlone
Flynn Cedarwood Drive, Monksland
Fowler Rooskey
Frawley Manchester/Ardkeenan
Furlong St. Comans Park
Gaffey Clonbulia
Gaffey Gorrynagowna
Gaffey Gorrynagowna
Gannon Monksland
Gately Kilgarvan, Fardrum
Gately Moydrum, Athlone
Goode Monksland
Harney Curraghaleen
Harney Ardbrea Park, Athlone
Gately Monksland
Gately Newtown
Geraghty Monksland
Gibson Lakeview, Athlone
Glynn Crannaghmore
Golden Gorrynagowna
Goode Monksland
Goode Monksland/ New York
Greene Doohan
Grenham Baylough
Grenham Blackstown
Griffin Ardkeenan
Griffin Clonbulia
Griffin Rooskey
Gunning Riverside Place
Hanley Battery Rd, Athlone
Hannon / Fitzpatrick Springwell Lodge, Newtowncarberry
Harney Clonrulla
Harney Curraghaleen
Harney Meehambee
Henry 31 St. Coman's Park / Drumlosh / Johnstown
Henry Clonellan
Henry Johnstown
Henry Mountflorence
Higgins Ardkeenan
Hogg Crannaghmore
Hurley Clonkilla, Bealnamulla
Hynes 38 St. Coman's Pk, Athlone
Hynes Drum Road, Summerhill
Hynes Millbrook, Bealnamulla
Jordon Rooskey
Kearney Creggane
Keegan Clongowna
Keegan Clongowna
Kelly Clonbulia
Kelly Kielty
Kelly Rooskey
Kelly St. Comans Park, Athlone
Kelly Thomastown
Kennedy Johnstown
Kenny Rooskey/Culfatha
Kenny Thomastown
Kilroy 6 St. Coman's Park, Athlone
Kilroy Clonbulia
Lafferty / Brennan Beechlawn Drive, Monksland
LaHarte Cushla
Lawless Cornafulla
Ledwith Thomastown
Lennon 7 St. Comans Park, Athlone
Lennon Ardkeenan
Lennon Clonbulia
Lennon Clonbulia
Lennon Clonbulia
Lennon Clonellan
Lennon Connacht Street, Athlone
Lennon Creggane
Lennon Kilmacormack
Lennon Laurel House, Summerhill
Kelly Crannagh
Lennon Rooskey
Lennon Taylorstown
Lynch Clogheen Baylough
Lynch Clongowna
Lynch Rockfield
Lynch / Montgomery Rockfield
Macken Creggane
Malone 44 Mitchell's Tce, Athlone
Martyn Johnstown
McDermott Monksland
McEvilly Johnstown
McManamon Monksland
McManus Clonrulla
McManus 39 St. Coman's Park, Athlone
McManus Ardnanure
McManus Clonark / Clonrulla
McManus Clonrulla
McManus Connacht Street, Athlone
McManus Drumlosh
McManus Drumlosh
McManus Dugra
McManus Nure
McManus Nure
McManus Nure
McManus Thornhill, Drum
McManus / Kirwin Belrea / Assumption Road
Meehan Bealnamulla / Donegal
Minogue St. Peter's Tce, Athlone
Moore Meehambee
Moran Kilmacormack
Mulvey Ballydangan
Mulvey Johnstown
Murray Crannagh
Murray Crannagh
Murray Durham, England / Gorrynagowna
Murray Monksland Village
Murray St. Coman's Park, Athlone
Murray Thomastown
Naughton Ardkeenan
Naughton Clonark
Naughton Clonark
Naughton Cornafulla North
Naughton Crannagh
Naughton Culfatha
Naughton Doohan
Naughton Doohan
Naughton Doohan
Naughton Drivera
Naughton Drivera
Naughton Larkfield
Naughton Taylorstown
Naughton / McDonnell Clonark
Nolan Cuilglass
Shaw Athlone
Shine Kielty
Shine Crancam
Ward Coman's Park
Nolan Doohan
Nolan Nure
Noone Kilgrave Pk, Bsloe / Summerhill
Norton Cedarwood Drive Monksland
Nugent Summerhill
O'Connor Baylough
O'Connor Mount Florence
O'Neill Buncarra, Donegal /Mitchells Terrace
O'Neill Clonellan
O'Neill Summerhill / Baylough
O'Reilly 115 Monksfield, Athlone
O'Reilly Monksland
Price Crancam
Reynolds Creggane
Ruane Monksland
Scully Kielty
Seery Clonellan
Shine Birchgrove / Drumlosh
Shine Crannagh
Shine Drumlosh
Shine Rooskey
Townsend Vincent's Court, Tipperary
Tully Johnstown
Tumulty Crannaghbeg
Walsh Southill
Walshe Crannbeg
Ward The Batteries, Athlone
Watson St. Coman's Park, Athlone
Watson Crannagh
Watson Crannagh
West Gortatlea / Monksland