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Best Kept Cemetery in Roscommon 2013

Congratulations to Drum Cemetery Voluntary Group who were awarded first place for best kept graveyard by Roscommon County Council in November 2013. The award is well deserved and recognises the great work that is carried out by the group along with the support of the community. Envelopes for a collection towards the upkeep of the cemetery have been distributed to all homes in the parish and anyone wishing to contribute to the collection is asked to return the envelope to the church or parish office.

Gerry Lennon, Drum Cemetery Voluntary Group, and Councillor John Naughten, Roscommon County Council


Members of Drum Cemetery Voluntary Group pictured with members of Roscommon County Council at the presentation of the Best Kept Cemetery award in November 2013

Maura Hynes and PJ McEvilly of Drum Cemetery Voluntary Group

Síntiús Toildeonach


All of the work is carried out by volunteers free of charge. Any contribution towards the ongoing costs of maintaining Drum graveyard is very welcome and much appreciated. Donation envelopes are distributed throughout the parish each November in order to cover these costs. Donations can also be made to Drum Parish Office or by contacting any member of the committee.

The costs incurred during the first phase of work included machine hire and the purchase of a lawnmower, strimmers, hand tools, sand and lawn seed. Donation envelopes were distributed throughout the parish in February/March 2010 in order to cover these costs. There was a very generous response to the collection and the funds raised allowed work to continue into the second and third phase. Phase Three involves significant expenditure (see below) and it was decided to distribute donation envelopes again in July 2011. Any contribution towards the costs of maintaining Drum graveyard is very welcome and much appreciated. Donations can be made to Drum Parish Office or by contacting any member of the committee (listed below).

Thank you for your support.

Plean Gníomhaíochta

Work Plan

Work commenced in February 2010 and continued through to May 2010. The second phase of work began in October and was completed in November 2010. The third phase commenced in February 2011 and was completed in September 2011. The fourth phase consisted of the construction of a storage shed, which commenced in summer 2012 and was completed early in 2013. General upkeep and maintenance work is continuing on an ongoing basis.

Phase 4 (Commencing 2012)

The fourth phase consisted of the construction of a storage shed, which commenced in summer 2012 and was completed early in 2013.

Storage shed constructed at Drum Cemetery

Update: August 2011

Work is almost complete on the Reflection Area. Fr. Ray Milton will return to Drum to perform the official blessing on Saturday 8th October 2011, when the online database will also be launched officially. Thank you to all those who responded to our recent collection by returning the donation envelopes.

Phase 3 (Commencing February 2011)

Letter sent July 2011:

We would like to to begin by thanking everyone who volunteered their time, gave donations or helped out in any way in phase two. We feel a lot of hard work was done and the graveyard is looking much improved. In phase three, which began in February 2011, our plans are as follows:

  • Two piers and gates to be established at new entrance.
  • Kerbing each side of driveway to aid the new parking facilities.
  • Installation of numerous new water points for easy access to all graves.
  • Maintain and control of grass and weeds in all burial areas.
  • Levelling and re-seeding of grass areas.
  • Planting and maintaining of flower beds.
  • New storage shed to be constructed to the rear of new cemetery.
  • Continuation of identifying all unmarked graves, plus map of middle graveyard to be erected.
  • After all work is completed, tarmacadam to be laid on driveway.

Finally and most important of all, a new Reflection Area is being constructed. This will contain a 12 foot wooden cross with a life size corpus of Our Lord on a concrete base, surrounded by a natural stone wall. Outside the reflection area, the site has to be back-filled and finished with top soil and re-seeded. Seating will be available in this area. A footpath will lead to the cross base. The area will be serviced by electricity. We hope this area will become a peaceful place to reflect and gather your thoughts. It will be a pleasant and unique feature to Drum graveyard.

As you are aware all of this work is carried out by volunteers free of charge. All materials purchased has to be paid for at considerable cost. We would appreciate any contribution towards the costs of maintaining Drum graveyard. Envelopes can be returned to any committee member listed below or to Drum Parish Office (090-6437125).

Phase 2 (Commencing October 2010)

Focus on clearing trees in main cemetery (behind parish hall) and maintenance of all areas covered in first phase.

Phase 1 (Commencing February 2010)

To improve the environment impact of the 3 areas concurrently in use, and maintain a high standard on the new section, which will come into use shortly.

  • To trim back all trees by the boundary walls.
  • To remove all soil, stones and rubbish by the boundary walls.
  • To clean up all footpaths and walkways
  • Areas between footpaths and boundary walls to be cleaned up and reseeded.
  • All footpaths to be gravelled.
  • Holes in abandoned graves to be filled in.
  • Grass to be controlled in all areas.

In order to achieve the above objectives, many hours of voluntary will need to be offered to the project over the coming months.

Machines will be hired where necessary.

The following items are to be purchased: lawnmower, strimmers, hand tools, sand, lawn seed.

Considerable cost will be incurred in the first year.

The group would appreciate any contributions towards same.

Envelopes also available at back of Church or contact the Drum Parish Office at 090-6437125.

Coiste 2011

Committee 2011

President: Fr. Michael McManus, Chairman: P.J. McEvilly, Assistant Chairman: Gerry Lennon, Secretary: Maura Hynes, Assistant Secretary: Teresa Kelly, Treasurer: Fidelma Lennon, Assistant Treasurer: Tommy O’Brien, Committee members: Moira Duffy, Annette Durney, Tommy Fallon, Oliver Hardiman, Jimmy Kennedy, Seamus McCormack, John Naughton, Tommie Joe Seery,

Sonraí teagmhála

Contact Details

Maura Hynes, (Secretary)
Co. Roscommon

Grianghraif ar an dul chun cinn

Photos of the progress

The pictures below show some of the highlights of what has been achieved after just a few weeks of great effort by the many volunteers involved. Click here to view more pictures.

February 2010                     March 2010

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