Drum Community Centre to host ‘Know Your Neighbour Weekend’

This coming weekend people across the country are being encouraged to make a special effort to get to know their neighbours. The initiative is being promoted by Macra na Feirme and ESB, and encourages people to organise some event in their own locality to get to know their neighbours better. Drum Community Centre is the venue for one such event, where a tea and coffee morning is being held on Sunday 13th July from 10.30am to 1pm.

The Drum area of south Roscommon has experienced much development and growth in recent years due to the expansion of Athlone. Unlike other areas, however, it remains a vibrant rural community. This weekend is an opportunity for the residents – both new and old – of the wider Drum area to join together to get to know each other.

Catherine Buckley, Macra national president, explains “An unfortunate symptom of modern Ireland is that as people become busier and more tied up with their own lives, the concept of community has declined and many people do not know their own neighbours.”

“The purpose of this initiative is to open a window of opportunity – over a specific weekend – whereby people will be inspired to make a small effort to mingle in a neighbourly way with people living in their own neighbourhood.”

The event in Drum is being organised by the Community of Drum website www.drum.ie, and committee member Aidan McEvilly says that they are looking forward to meeting lots of local people this Sunday. “This is an ideal opportunity for anybody who might not be too familiar with the area to come in and find out about the community they live in and meet some of the people who live here, and the community centre is the perfect venue for such an event.”

“Whether you’ve lived in the area all your life or have just moved to Drum, you’re invited to join us this Sunday morning for a cup of tea or coffee and a chat with your neighbours and take a look around the community centre too.”

Earlier this year Drum Community Centre marked its twentieth anniversary, and launched the Community of Drum website, which went live in January. The drum.ie site is updated regularly and includes the weekly parish newsletter, and aims to be a hub for the entire community by providing information about various organisations in the area.

Further details of Know Your Neighbour Weekend can be found on the Drum website www.drum.ie or the national site www.knowyourneighbour.ie


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